surviving single, a film by matt duhamel

Surviving Single

Surviving Single
(In Pre-Production)

3-Part Documentary Film Series

Surviving Single is a 3-part documentary series that examines, autophobia, an anxiety disorder triggered by the idea and experience of spending time alone.

I wanted to do a film on autophobia, especially in the Portland, Oregon area, because of the challenges that people face meeting people. According to “The Great Love Debate” podcast, Portland ranks the 4th worst city in the nation for dating.

“Trying to be the center of the Beard & Beer Universe is never a good way to show you actually care about dating.” – Great Love Podcast

As the Lone Filmmaker, I’m often alone myself working and living among the most beautiful scenery in the country, but I don’t suffer from autophobia. Why are some people not affected by being alone, while others experience severe anxiety and depression? This film series coming in 2021 will answer some of these questions while getting to know real people who struggle every day with the fear of being single and alone.

surviving single, documentary film series, matt duhamel
surviving single, documentary film series, matt duhamel with lone filmmaker

Share Your Story

Do you hate being alone or being single? Do you hate it so much that anxiety and depression affects your daily life?

I’m currently talking with people in the Portland/Vancouver metro area that would like to tell their story on film. I know this is a lot to ask to come forward and tell your story. After years of filming thought-provoking documentaries, I know first hand the real stories have has the power to help and educate others going through similar situations.

There’s no commitment by filling out the form. Feel free to send a brief outline of your story. Your information will remain private and will not be posted anywhere. From there, I can email you and we can talk further, if you agree. Thank you so much.

Hate being single?
Tell your story.