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Faces of Mass Incarceration

Faces of Mass Incarceration

Short Documentary Film

The Faces of Mass Incarceration documentary sheds light on this question, eliminating much of society’s fear of a long misunderstood population – the prison family. By putting a face of those whose lives have been most directly affected by mass incarceration, this documentary substantially reduces erroneous stereotypes and unnecessary fears.

Who are the real people shamed and stigmatized by mass incarceration?

“Somehow society as a whole has lost sight of the belief that a “PERSON IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW.”  Today, we jump to the conclusion that a person is guilty upon arrest, especially if it is announced in the media.

In any case, we all need to think how we would like to be judged and labeled forevermore by the worst thing we’ve ever done in life?  All of us, including prisoners are the sum-total of far more than our one worst act.

In fact many, there are thousands and thousands of remarkable people who are incarcerated in this country.  In fact, many innocent people – TENS OF THOUSANDS of them – are arrested and incarcerated and LATER – OFTEN DECADES LATER –  PROVEN INNOCENT AND EXONERATED, but they can never erase the stain from their reputation that they “just might have done something wrong.”  So we have all of these people isolating and withdrawing from society in shame.  They begin to become faceless and invisible, because no one can see them any more, and because no one sees them, they become unknown and feared.”

– Carolyn Esparza


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