matt duhamel with his dog lucky

About Matt Duhamel

From being nominated in 2017 for a Utah Film Award for his short documentary, Life Under The Horseshoe, to covering the Sundance Film Festivals in Park City, Utah, Matt’s mission is to take a negative experience (his 2006 arrest) and to encourage others to look towards success even though they may face difficulty social stigma and rejection.

“The rejection and judgment can difficult,” Matt says. “I ask people to try to get to know me first before making a judgment. We need to open up difficult conversations about ex-felons, sex offenders, employment and housing restrictions if we are ever going to reduce America’s prison population.”, Matt adds. To this current day, Matt admits he still faces rejection from employers and landlords because of his felony record from 2007. He’s also recognized that since his felony is classified as a sex offense, people automatically assume the worst, eventually denying him access to jobs and housing.  

With challenges, hope, and determination, Matt looks forward to new films and projects as the years’ progress. He currently lives in Vancouver, WA, with his best friend and English Springer Spaniel, ‘Lucky.’

Fun and Work

I’ve been blessed with meeting wonderful people throughout my film and public speaking career. But it’s not all work. When I don’t have a camera in my hand, I enjoy hiking, spending time with my English Springer Spaniel, Lucky, and spending time with family.

matt duhamel filming in the forest
I didn't choose to be a lone filmmaker on purpose. It's just the way it's turned out...and that's okay! Since my last film release in 2017, I'm ready to head out again and produce a film that transforms hearts and minds. Will you be my next film subject? Everybody has a story. It could be you.
matt duhamel with his daughter, maddie

Check Out My Upcoming Film

"Surviving Single" is a 3-part documentary film that looks at the intense fear of being alone. The film follows three single woman who live with autophobia, an anxiety disorder that is triggered by the idea and experience of spending time alone.

an anxiety disorder that is triggered by the idea and experience of spending time alone