The Lone Filmmaker.

My name is Matt Duhamel, also known as the Lone Filmmaker. Since 2013, I’ve been developing thought-provoking documentary films mainly as a one-person crew. My first film was about people living with Tourette Syndrome. This documentary means a lot to me not only because it was my first film, but it featured my step-daughter at the time. I feel her appearance in the film (along with the other film subjects) made a difference and positively affected people living with the syndrome.

I didn’t choose to be a lone filmmaker on purpose. It’s just the way it’s turned out…and that’s okay! Since my last film release in 2017, I’m ready to head out again and produce a film that transforms hearts and minds. Will you be my next film subject? Everybody has a story. It could be you.

Matt Duhamel, Filmmaker
Matt Duhamel, Filmmaker

Transforming Hearts and Minds

Arnold Thomas (left) with Matt Duhamel

My previous film company, Metamora Films, focused on films that transform hearts and minds. I plan to continue this mission as I move forward with filmmaking. Documentary films are powerful and influential. They affect people around the world. When we tell stories about people, this builds empathy, understanding, and commonality among ourselves and our communities. This remains my mission.

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Additional Projects

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I’m always seeking unique and powerful stories. Since I’m in the Pacific Northwest, I prefer to film in this area due to limited funds.

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Everyone Has A Story

Do you have a unique story to tell on film? Do you think people would learn from your experience? If so, I’d love to talk. (Your information will remain private.)